Garden Pathways Receives Grant to Institute Tattoo Removal Program


On Monday, November 26th, 2018 through the Bolt of Hope program, Bolthouse Properties’ employees had the honor of presenting Garden Pathways with a grant to fund a tattoo removal machine. The grant will allow Garden Pathways to institute a premier tattoo removal program, providing participants an opportunity to experience outer transformation.

Tattoo removal is a current need that is critical for participants of Garden Pathways’ programs, especially former gang members, because the majority possess visible tattoos that become a physical obstacle that make it difficult to obtain and secure employment. One of the most mentioned reasons among participants for why they want to remove their tattoos is the hope of setting a good example for their children. With this service, participants will feel more confident in obtaining and retaining employment, enrolling in school, and stepping into their role as a healthy parent. Garden Pathways will provide the service to individuals enrolled in their programs and community clients seeking to start a new chapter in their lives and truly be transformed from the inside out.

Garden Pathways, a local organization that has served the Bakersfield community for the last 20 years, seeks to help low-income individuals and families, high-risk youth, homeless individuals, individuals struggling with substance abuse, current and former gang members, and formerly and currently incarcerated individuals.

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Bolt of Hope is a team comprised of Bolthouse Properties’ employee whose vision is to grow God’s kingdom in Bakersfield through love and compassion, by being open-minded to the needs in our community, and by watering the seeds planted by local organizations that have a passion for being the light in the world.