Bolthouse Properties’ Employees Grant a ‘Bolt of Hope’


In December 2017, it was announced to Bolthouse Properties’ employees that they would have the opportunity in 2018 to award grant money to non-profit organizations within the Bakersfield community. As a result, Bolt of Hope was born.

Bolt of Hope is a team comprised of Bolthouse Properties’ employees whose vision is to grow God’s kingdom in Bakersfield through love and compassion, by being open-minded to the needs in our community, and by watering the seeds planted by local organizations that have a passion for being the light in the world.

Together, the team sought non-profit organizations who proposed to meet needs in our community. Specifically, the team looked to provide a one-time gift, or a “Bolt of Hope”, to help with a project or program for which regular support does not provide.

Bolt of Hope awarded grants to three Bakersfield organizations: Garden Pathways, One Door Recovery, and LiFT.