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Built on a Tradition of Integrity and Value
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The Bolthouse family started a farming operation in Michigan. The company grew and expanded, eventually moving its farming and processing operations to California.

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The commitment to a strong sense of duty, personal responsibility, and a vow to live and do business with an unwavering devotion to integrity established a reputation for Bolthouse Farms. How it was done was equally important as what was done.


Generation after generation of the Bolthouse family took the reins of leadership. Through vision, ingenuity and support from our founding principles, the organization grew to become one of the largest carrot producers in the world.


The Bolthouse family sold the carrot and juice processing operations to a private equity firm.

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Due to their strong appreciation of the rich farmland they had tended for generations, the Bolthouse family retained ownership of over 20,000 acres of land in California, thereby forming Bolthouse Properties.


Bolthouse Properties holds agricultural and commercial real estate. Bolthouse Development Company develops commercial real estate. Bolthouse Investments manages client financial investments. The business legacy of the Bolthouse family continues through these affiliated entities.

Preserving a History of Excellence

Ultimately, it is the foundation of integrity, value and the determination to do what is right that makes Bolthouse Properties such a valuable asset to local communities.