Hello Stroll Seven Oaks!


At Bolthouse Properties, we are delighted about the new name! After all, the new name fits right into the vision of the master plan community.

The Seven Oaks West Ming Specific Plan outlines a 25-year plan for future growth within the Seven Oaks Master Planned Community. A cornerstone to the plan is the miles of trails and paseos linking the residential villages with the community parks and retail centers as well as the office park. The Seven Oaks Master Planned Community provides pedestrians connectivity to shopping, entertainment and employment hubs which create a genuine live-work-play environment without the need to get in a car.

The multi-purpose trail was championed by, and later named after, Stephan J. DeBranch to provide connectivity to the businesses within the Seven Oaks Business Park and the Seven Oaks residential communities of Belcourt and Highgate. As the trail is developing, his dream is quickly becoming a reality. Cycling and walking enthusiasts can enjoy the outdoors as well as the convenience of numerous neighborhood and business access points to the multi-purpose trail.

Within the Belcourt Seven Oaks neighborhoods, Woodbridge Pacific Group (WPG) has adopted the same elements of the memorial trail, offering residents connectivity within their neighborhood. “The trail is a great amenity of Seven Oaks that provides recreation and links to retail centers and the Seven Oaks Business Park. WPG wanted to take it a step further by giving residents the ability to connect from within their neighborhoods, so they extended the trail into the interior streets and promenade,” said Jeff Eittreim, VP of Development at Bolthouse Properties.

With the recent addition of Valley Montessori Academy to the Seven Oaks Business Park, we have found the trail is being utilized by families for school drop-offs and pick-ups from neighboring Belcourt Seven Oaks. Additionally, neighboring residents and Seven Oaks Business Park occupants are often seen on the trail for a leisurely stroll or as they head to The Shoppes at Seven Oaks Business Park to grab a bite to eat.

As one of the first residents of Belcourt Seven Oaks, Shannon O’Brien shares, “On weekends, my husband and boys often walk through the paseo, and it takes us about 5 minutes from our home to get to Broken Yolk at Mustang Square and now Belcourt Village. We also have a neighborhood park and lagoon that we can walk to. Our favorite thing to do is see the ducks!”

The northern portion of the trail system connects through Castle & Cooke’s most recent development, Highgate Seven Oaks, linking the residential community and the Highgate elementary school. Ultimately, the trail will connect with the Kern River Bike Path, offering access along the Kern River. Castle & Cooke has continued embrace the connectivity of the trail system to benefit the current and future residents.

Although it is not linked by trails, the Grand Island Village at Seven Oaks has long been a destination that neighboring residents often stroll to in various ways and is something Heather Dewar of Dewar’s Ice Cream enjoys about the community’s values. “We have people in the neighborhood that come on their golf carts, on their bicycles, they bring their dogs. This truly generates a sense of community values,” shared Heather.

There are many aspects to our neighborhood that make us unique, one that often brings us together is the connectivity to many of the elements that make up our greater Seven Oaks. It slows down the pace and brings people together. This is something we truly value at Bolthouse Properties and look to incorporate throughout the master plan. For the latest developments within the master plan, visit online at