Embracing Community Wellness: Irene Clancy of Pilates Barre Innovates at The Point at Belcourt Village


In the bustling heart of Seven Oaks, lies the enchanting Belcourt Village. Developed by
Bolthouse Properties, this bespoke walkable retail center offers residents and visitors a unique
opportunity to immerse themselves in a vibrant, community-focused environment. With its
eateries, shopping, inviting social spaces, and a deep sense of connection, Belcourt Village is
more than just a place to visit—it’s a place to thrive.

At the forefront of this movement is Irene Clancy, the innovative leader behind Pilates Barre. At
Pilates Barre, the mission is clear: to foster a community-driven space that encourages inclusivity
and sweat-driven bonds. It’s not about competing with others; it’s about striving to be better than
you were yesterday. This ethos of personal growth and communal support is now taking on an
exciting new dimension at Belcourt Village.

Thinking outside the box, is taking her commitment to community wellness to the next level by
utilizing The Point at Belcourt Village. This core gathering space is now the site for a variety of
free community workshops, yoga classes, and more. These events are designed to bring the
community together, promoting physical and mental well-being in an open and welcoming

Throughout the year, Irene and her team host a series of complimentary workshops and yoga
sessions at The Point. These activities are open to all, regardless of fitness level or experience,
and aim to create a supportive atmosphere where everyone can participate, learn, and grow.
Belcourt Village, with its beautifully designed spaces and community-focused ethos, is more
than just a picturesque retail shopping center—it’s a thriving hub of the Seven Oaks community.
The unique design encourages neighboring residential communities to walk, bike and embrace
the various social interactions, making it easy for the community to connect. Whether you are
grabbing coffee, enjoying a meal or participating in a community activity, Belcourt Village offers
countless opportunities to gather and engage with friends and neighbors.

For more information about upcoming workshops and classes, visit